Professor Nariman Karanjia

Professor Karanjia trained at Guy’s Hospital medical school in London.

Professor Nariman Karanjia

My life’s ambition is to provide patients with a liver cancer some hope for the future and a possible chance of a long term enduring cure

Professor Nariman Karanjia MS FRCS (Gen)

Following fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, during his early training he undertook specialist training in general surgery and later in minimal access surgery in France, Germany and Belgium where it had just become established.

He undertook an 18 months research project in California and this work resulted in the award of a Hunterian Professorship at the Royal College of Surgeons in England in 1990. His Master of Surgery Thesis was awarded in that year.

Collectively he has written, or his research has contributed, to 100 peer reviewed articles and numerous oral presentations.  

He is qualified to perform a wide range of diagnostic investigations, surgical and laparoscopic techniques.

His expertise is in liver resection (removal of liver tumours surgically) and his recent five year survival figures are amongst the highest published (see right).

Relevant Paper - Karanjia N.D., Lordan J.T., Fawcett W.J., Worthington T.R. Survival and Recurrence After Neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy and Liver Resection for Colorectal Metastases – A Ten Year Study.
European Journal of Surgical Oncology. 2009; 35(8):838-43

He has been a surgical tutor for the Royal College of Surgeons England.  He has served on national professional committees and councils including NICE.   He completed a four year term as Programme Director for South Thames West on the Surgical Training Committee.   He has served on the Council of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland and has also served on the Surgical Advisory Committee for General Surgery as part of the Joint Committee for Higher Surgical Training.

Visit written by Professor Nariman Karanjia, for more detailed information on treatment options and a good understanding of secondary cancer of the liver.

Overall survival resulting from surgery for secondary liver cancer under Prof. Karanjia

1 yr 89.4%
3 yrs 61.7%
5 yrs 49.8%

Disease free survival

1 yr 73.5%
3 yrs 49.5%
5 yrs 42.8%

Compared to WORLDWIDE survival figures

5 yrs 25%-50%

Disease free survival

5 yrs 19%-28%