How you can help support our valuable work

Our Challenge for the future

Each day may bring new diagnostic or surgical equipment of cytotoxic drugs and our research may contribute to the search for a cure of secondary liver cancer and this is why we need your help.

Most of our income comes from private donors and charitable trusts.

If you wish to help raise funds for the Appeal .......

Listed below are a few suggestions

  • Please tell your family and friends about the LCSA
  • Sign our Regular Giving Form
  • Send a donation through Gift Aid
  • Introduce the LCSA to a company
  • Organise a fundraising event for us
  • Leave a legacy in your Will
  • Register or donate with Justgiving

Donations to our Appeal bring a better quality of life and through surgery and chemotherapy  a potential cure for those with liver cancer.   We hope funding a research programme will bring a new future to many who need it and encouragement for exceptionally talented doctors who deserve it.

  • The appeal depends on support to fund our vital work
  • We have raised over £100,000 to date
Just Giving Donate to LCSA

Just Giving

The LCSA has a charity account with Justgiving which enables us and our supporters to raise money on line, mostly through on-line fundraising pages.

On one occasion two marathon runners designed a fundraising page for the Royal Parks Half Marathon and invited family and friends to sponsor them with the result of raising almost £3000 for the LCSA.   Another supporter taking part in the Mont Blanc Trek donated over £1000 through his online fundraising page.

Anyone taking part in an event to raise funds for the Appeal is eligible for the LCSA t-shirt

Donate to LCSA

Donate to LCSA